appstore_badge_40  Venice Mystery - Available on Kindle Fire

Venice Mystery the popular puzzle game for PC and Mac
is now available on the iPad and kindle fire.

Pair up beautiful tiles to clear over 280 levels and solve an ancient mystery. Gather special power-ups that will help you on your travel through the city of Venice, one of Italy's most interesting cities.
Can you find the thirteen lost paintings from the past that hide a well hidden secret and repair the old machine to save the historical city from its nemesis? Find the lost paintings and reveal their secret.
Collect hidden scrolls and rewards with details on how to repair the machine and unlock secret passages with extra levels to play.
Solve the secret about the Clock Tower and the magic codes on the hidden paintings. Only the Clock Tower can tell you the way to the lost machine parts.
Venice Mystery (iPad) Screen 01
Venice Mystery (iPad) Screen 02
Venice Mystery (iPad) Screen 03
Venice Mystery (iPad) Screen 04
appstore_badge_40  Venice Mystery - Available on Kindle Fire